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Current information on supply bottlenecks

General information about the current situation

Please take a few minutes of your time.

At the moment, there are unfortunately severe delays with orders in individual cases.
Many ask for the reason for this. We would like to explain this briefly and hope for some understanding on your part.

At the moment Corona is the talk of the town, but that is only part of the problem. Due to the lockdowns decided by the individual countries, it was not possible for many companies to maintain production, there was a lot of short-time work or factories were closed for months. Some companies have their goods produced in China, where not only complete closures are and were the reason for delays, but also the STRONGLY increased container prices. Containers from China used to be priced at 2000-3000$ (as of the middle of last year), but now they have risen to 6000-8000$. Currently the price is at 15.000$, yes you read right 15t doller and partly more.
Many companies and manufacturers can not and do not want to pay that anymore, because it would simply blow up the cost of the parts.

But not that these numbers are the tip of the iceberg, no, in addition there are hardly any free containers on the market. The Chinese have bought up a lot of containers on the world market and thus created a small monopoly. As a result, there is a shortage of containers in parts of the world. The whole situation has already reached the USA. Currently, every container is being hotly contested and prices are rising - still within reasonable limits, but who knows for how long.

All these reasons also contribute to the fact that more and more dealers are increasing their prices, sometimes on a monthly basis.
But we do not want to leave you hanging. We will do everything we can to continue to provide you with goods as good and fast as possible, at the usual prices. We currently also refrain from increasing our prices in the store and will avoid this as long as possible.

We have also adjusted our transport chains, use different container warehouses and get many things for you by air freight from the USA. All this is just to avoid further unnecessary delays. We decided to take the costs on ourselves to be able to offer you the service to deliver the goods as fast as possible.

All these things are now and then the reason why goods do not come as fast as usual and we ask for your forgiveness and understanding. It is not our intention to make you wait unnecessarily and we are doing everything to contain this.

We are currently expanding our team to be able to provide you with more information in advance. Please have some understanding if an answer of the inquiries lasts currently 2-3 days longer than usual, you get however always to 100% a feedback. The whole situation costs us a lot of energy, nerves and time to organize.

But now enough:
Thank you for taking the time to read our statement and we appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your AHP Team